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On all cruises the holiday maker is expected to pay Gratuities otherwise known as Tips every Cruise line sets their own rates and some allow you to pre-pay them, some build it into your cruise price, others add it on to bill automatically or place an envelope in your cabin towards end of cruise.

The price varies greatly and with some cruise lines vary amount by cabin type. When working out comparisons between cruises please remember these and other charges. An amount of tips is also added to the cost of onboard purchases of drinks and services again varying by company.

These Gratuities get paid to the staff, sometimes only some of the staff whilst on others between all staff. These tips are expected and in the case of poor service you will need to see Customer service to discuss to reduce or remove. 



Charge per person per day 

Tips % on drinks & services 

The rates above are subject to change and may vary by room type or destination . This is for guide purposes - please ask our staff to confirm rates for the cruise you are booking and if you can pre-pay before at a discount. 

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